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Zoo City Motor Sports Park Rule Book

General Race/Practice Day Rules

Everyone must sign-in at the gate house upon arrival, A proper legal release must accompany each Zoo City Motor Sports Park membership application.

Motor vehicle mishaps, in competition or otherwise, can result in injury or death. Minors without parental consent or supervision should never use motor vehicles.

No pit riding out of 1st gear (No Pit Racing).

Violation of any of these rules will result in immediate (and/or permanent) dismissal from Zoo City Motor Sports Park.

Zoo City Motor Sports Park is not responsible for damage, theft, loss or injury to any person or property in attendance for any event at Zoo City Motor Sports Park.

Motocross is designed to be run on an uneven racing surface. In building, preparing, or modifying any vehicle for use at Zoo City Motor Sports Park, a rider must keep in mind that uneven surfaces will effect the handling characteristics of that vehicle. Zoo City Motor Sports tries to maintain a suitable riding surface, however, there may be holes, ridges and/or debris on the surface of the track. These obstacles are not intended to make the riding difficult, but are to be considered as a natural condition the rider must be prepared to negotiate. Zoo City Motor Sports will make all efforts to eliminate any foreseeable problems with the riding surface and to make necessary repairs at any time. It is up to the individual rider to determine if the conditions are unsafe for their vehicle.

Zoo City Motor Sports will make all efforts to provide a safe and fun environment for all riders and spectators, including removing anyone from the premises that shows any type of intent to cause harm or danger to any person or property within Zoo City Motor Sports Park.

Zoo City Motor Sports will not be responsible for any injury or damage to person (s) or property within Zoo City Motor Sports Park. All persons accept these risks by entering Zoo City Motor Sports Park. Anyone refusing to sign or anyone found not to have signed the waiver upon entry will be prosecuted for trespassing and law enforcement will be summonsed immediately.

Absolutely no dirt bike motors started before 10:00am or after 10:00pm on Monday through Saturday and before 12:00pm or after 10:00pm on Sunday.

Quiet time (No loud music or noise) after 10pm.

Respect others at all times. Children MUST be supervised at all times. Only wash bike in the bike wash station. NO rinsing of bikes in the parking/ pit area.

Fences are absolute boundary of motor sports park and are NOT to be crossed.

NO riding without helmet on or off track (must be securely strapped to head).

Dispose of waste and garbage properly.

Trash containers are located throughout the park. Old oil, gas and antifreeze should be collected in a container and taken away with you. DO NOT pour these toxic liquids onto the ground or place in trash containers.

NO dumping of gray or black water on park premises.

NO pets are allowed on park premises.

Entrants & Spectators may be removed from an Event for breaking any rules of conduct.




Race Day Rules

Zoo City MX Membership Required For All Riders - Available At Sign Up ($10.00/yr or $5.00/day) Exception AMA Events

Age of the rider is determined as of the date of event, for amateur ; the age of the rider is determined as of January 1 of current year, for youth.

Participation in, or advancement to, a higher class in any AMA or non-AMA activity by any rider will result in permanent advancement to that higher class in all AMA-sanctioned competition. A rider may choose at any time to advance to a higher rider classification. A rider may not return to a lower classification without AMA approval. A youth rider may move to the next higher age class in the Youth Division only if they will be eligible to do so at any time during the year. Once a rider moves to the next higher age class in AMA or non-AMA competition, they may not move back to the lower age class. Riders are encouraged to determine at the beginning of the points season/year the age class they will participate in for the points season/year. Points earned in a lower age class won't transfer to the higher age class.

Entrants must sign all entry blanks in ink.

Rules pertain while you are on track property.

No race personnel, officials, riders, mechanics, photographers and anyone associated with riders may consume, or be under the influence of, intoxicants or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability and may not have in their possession fire-arms . Failure to comply with this requirement may result in disqualification of the rider. Besides affecting the safety of the meet, any such use is inconsistent with the concept of good sportsmanship and is harmful to the sport of motorcycling.

Riders and/or family and pit crew who direct foul and abusive language and/or physical violence toward an official and/or staff member of Zoo City Motor Sports Park or entrant are subject to disqualification for the entire Event.

Each rider is responsible for the actions of their family and pit crew, and any detrimental action caused by these individuals puts that rider at risk of disqualification.

All riders and other race personnel must assess for themselves the track, facilities, existing conditions and other matters relating to safety. All riders and race personnel must rely on their own judgment and assume all risks of participating in competition in any manner.

Riders are responsible to enter only classes in which they are eligible.

At any meet, only A class riders (the highest rider classification) may compete for cash prizes. Any rider receiving a cash prize will be considered an A rider. Contingency isn't considered a cash prize.

No A class riders are permitted to compete in any Youth classes.

It is Zoo City MX’s recommendation that If a rider has previously won a championship in any series that rider should advance classes for next racing season.


D Class Riders

During a calendar year if a rider receives 4 wins or 5 second place finishes or any combination of the two the rider will be advanced at that time.

At the end of the year all D class riders who have won a race will be advanced as of December 31. If you’re fast enough to win the D Class, then you need to start the series in the C Class.

When you get advanced, you don’t take your points with you.

The D Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It isn’t a place to plan on winning a championship.

Referee approval required for all D Class Riders

No Sand Bagging: If it is determined by Zoo City Motor Sports staff that you were sandbagging you will be immediately advanced.



Entrant may use the same motorcycle in more than one class on the same day as long as the motorcycle and rider meet the requirements of the class.

Under penalty of disqualification, a rider may not use more than one motorcycle in any class.

More than one contestant may ride the same motorcycle, as long as the riders are entered in different classes.

A rider must actually start an event to be considered a participant.

A rider whose motorcycle becomes disabled before he reaches the finish line may, without assistance, push or carry the motorcycle (in the direction of the track) across the finish line to receive the checkered flag. At the referees discretion, the rider may be instructed to leave the track at the nearest exit point, and will be considered to have completed the event, provided he has completed at least 50 percent of the number of laps as the winner.

The motorcycle at the starting line for the riders first moto is considered the qualified motorcycle for the meet in that class. Only the motorcycle that is considered the qualified motorcycle will be allowed on the track for a sighting/parade lap if taken. In any case, a rider is not allowed to switch motorcycles after the start of sighting/parade lap.




Riders must be signed up and practice with proper class. Practice or warm up is limited to the designated area identified by the referee.

Entrants riding, or allowing their motorcycles to be ridden, outside the boundary will be excluded from the event.

When entering or leaving the pits, a rider must use designated entrance and exit lanes. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Also all riders must enter through posted staging area.


Starting Line

A rider must be ready when called to the starting area. Two minutes are allowed after the starters call to make minor repairs for mechanical issues.

When a rider chooses their location on the starting line, they may not change that position.

A rider must start in the middle of the starting gate.

Only a broom may be used to clean the starting area. No liquid may be added to the rider's starting area. Grooming in front of the gate is prohibited.




No entrant will be eligible to enter more than four classes.

If a rider stops for any reason during an event, he/she must restart without any outside assistance. However, if a rider falls, blocking the course and endangering other riders, he/she may receive help or have his/her motorcycle pushed off the course. Any attempt to help under any other situation will result in the riders disqualification.

A rider leaving the course must re-enter at the same point or at the first point where he/she can safely, without interfering with other riders and without gaining an advantage. A rider who fails to do so may be docked at least one finishing position for the moto at the discretion of the referee.

A competitor who rides in a way that endangers officials, other riders or the public will be subject to immediate disqualification from the meet by the referee. An event stopped by the referee before 60% of the race is completed (rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps) the race will be re-started from the beginning. Riders may make minor repairs and adjustments at the starting area only.

Any race start or re-start will be considered an official part of the event. Therefore, any infraction will be deemed valid and ruled upon accordingly.

If a race is cancelled after the first set of motos are ran, awards will be given according to first moto finish.

Corrections Must Be Within 30 Minutes Of Moto Posting At Track On Race Day



Race Day Awards to Amateur & Youth - Guaranteed 1 Per 3 With 3 Rider Minimum

Pro 200% Payback

All 50cc Riders Receive Awards

No Awards Will Be Held For Pickup At A Later Date. This Includes The Banquet. No Awards May Be Picked Up By Someone Other Than The Qualified Rider Without Prior Approval By A Track Official.


Youth Only

The age of the rider is determined as of January 1 of current year, for youth classes.

No youth rider shall ride as more than one age during any event. (For example, a rider is either 11 years old or 12 years old during the meet.)

A youth entrant may use the same motorcycle in both youth and amateur events on the same day as long as the machine meets the engine displacement of the class entered.

Youth riders proof of age must be available at all Events or the rider is subject to disqualification. A copy of Birth Certificate must be on file in Zoo City Motor Sports Office.

Parents, legal guardians or authorized adults must remain present at all times during the Event

To authorize a minor to compete, parents, legal guardians or authorized adults must sign below the riders signature on the entry form.

The notarized authorization signed by the riders parents or legal guardians giving responsibility to authorized adults must be kept on file with the riders release form.

No rider under the legal age of majority may compete without the written consent (signature on Official Entry Form & Minor Waiver) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the Event. An authorized adult acting on behalf of the parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized statement indicating they have been given the authority by the parent or legal guardian to be responsible for the minor during the event.

One parent (guardian) of 50cc riders will be allowed to enter the track for their child's practice moto, but must exit the track immediately upon the completion of that practice moto. Other exceptions may be made to assist riders with broken bikes or personal injuries, but only after permission to enter is given by a track official.

If a riders physical stature is such that they can't reach the ground with both feet, blocks may be used but must be removed immediately after the start. The rider must be able to control his/her motorcycle at all times, and to ride it safely. This in-cludes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting, dismounting, and putting one or both feet on the ground. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider who can't safely control his/her motorcycle.

Rider must be large enough and mature enough to control his/her motorcycle at all times, and to ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting, dismounting and putting one or both feet on the ground. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider who can't control his/her motorcycle.


Rider's Required Equipment:

All riders must wear, but are not limited to, the following

protective clothing while riding on the track:

Long pants that cover the ankle Eye protection, such as goggles or face shield

Boots that cover the ankle Shirts with sleeves extending past the elbow

Helmet which must be D.O.T. approved Gloves


Items subject to change. This flyer supersedes all previously released information 1/01/2015

Click Here For Printable 2014 Rulebook

Zoo City Motor Sports Park

279 Joe Farlow Road

Asheboro, NC  27205